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Find Out If A Medicaid Annuity Is Right For You

Protect your assets before accessing Medicaid

  • Protect Your Family's Savings

  • Get Funding Faster

  • Avoid Financial Disaster

  • Medicaid Planning Guidance

The preferred provider of the HarborMaster annuity series designed for compliance with Medicaid & VA benefit rules

Protect your assets from the Medicaid spenddown!

Act Today Before Congress
Closes The Loophole

Protect Your Family's Savings

Medicaid has strict limits for the patient receiving care and despite these strict eligibility rules, Whitehall Bay can help make sure your family doesn't go broke paying for Nursing Home.

Avoid Financial Disaster

Medicaid Applications are not easy to understand and are time consuming.  Any little mistake can be financially devastating, which delays for funding. 

Get Funding Faster

Time is important and our team can save you several thousand dollars of savings by expediting your Medicaid Application to access your funds.

Medicaid Planning Guidance

Qualify hassle free by letting us navigate the complex world of Medicaid and Government Benefits.  


Let Our Attorney-Led Planning Team Help You Protect Your Assets With A Benefit-Compliant Annuity

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